We have a cash flow every month, but…

Is our business model profitable?

There are a considerable number of SMEs on the market that lose money every month yet are not aware of it.

In most cases, they have a cash flow but their profit and loss account is or will soon be deficient. And the worst of all: the business owner has no idea.

In other cases, the business model brings profits yet experience tells us that it could be more profitable with adequate financial management.

Before getting started…

  • To what extent are the company and all of the products or services sold profitable?
  • Do we analyse the economic return on each of the investments made?
  • What is the long-term economic feasibility of our business?
  • How much is our company worth?

At Japón Matarí, we put our training in top business schools and our extensive experience advising hundreds of companies to use for our clients. We propose understanding your company’s real numbers through financial control and optimisation.

Solutions and tools

  • Financial diagnostics

  • The implementation of unique financial control systems

  • Financial restructuring plans

  • Feasibility plans

  • Company valuation

  • Profitability/profit contribution analysis and management (by products, clients, business lines)

  • Guidance on financial decision making

  • Training and development for finance teams

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