Projects don’t fail because of the ideas or plan design; they fail because of poor execution

Before getting started…

  • What is a strategic plan, a succession plan or financial projections without adequate execution?
  • What is the company’s productivity? Is it high, low or unknown? Could we produce more with the resources we currently have?
  • Is our HR adequately managed?

Each company has its own strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. At Japón Matarí, we help identify, analyse and improve them.

We have a multidisciplinary team available to our clients. We apply innovative methods from the best business schools. We know and adapt to the reality and special circumstances at each company.

Solutions and tools

  • Development and implementation of sales plans

  • Process-based management

  • Competency-based management

  • Productivity enhancement

  • The implementation of a Balanced Scorecard

  • HR planning

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