Where do you want your company to be in 10 years?


Most Spanish family business have no strategic plan.

There’s usually some kind of plan, but there’s not enough details and it’s not shared with at least the rest of the management team. Day-to-day emergencies make it so we’re, in practice, so focused on doing and acting that we leave little or no time for long-term analysis and planning.

This situation is risky.

Without being able to prevent it and explaining why, new competitors will appear at any time who have done their homework. They’re companies that have identified new market trends, new demands and needs among our customers and, therefore, have been able to create a new value proposition. And for those who continue to be anchored to a business plan that helped them begin and grow years before, this will sooner or later lead to a loss of customers and lower profits.

Before getting started…

  • What makes us different from the competition?
  • Why do our customers buy from us and not from the competition?
  • How do we see ourselves in 5 years? And in 10? What is the plan for getting there?
  • What is our target market?
  • What is the desired market share?
  • How can I innovate in business lines, products or services?
  • What should I do to continue growing?

At Japón Matarí, we get owners to think about these things and study the sector in depth as well as the geographic area, products, services, customers and resources. We analyse the company inside and out.

And from there, we help formulate or reformulate the company vision and competitive strategy, to develop a plan and ensure it is implemented and becomes reality.

Solutions and tools

  • Designing strategic plans

  • Implementing strategic plans

  • Guidance on transformation processes

  • Generating new business lines and models

  • Implementing innovation processes

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